Esthetic Arts was designed to help you transform your complexion and inspire your confidence—so you can shine your true beauty and awesomeness everywhere you GLOW!

Whether it’s glowing, “make-up optional” skin or strikingly beautiful brows you desire, Esthetic Art’s facials and complexion-correcting methodologies were designed with the utmost healing intent and care to provide you with a truly customized spa experience you’ll be sure to find both relaxing and results-oriented.


  • Beautiful Skin Begins Within

    The skin is an outer reflection of the physical and emotional health of our bodies and the effects and impact of certain environmental triggers.

  • Knowledge is Power

    In educating, enlightening, and inspiring you along your path to clear skin, you’ll feel empowered to make the most optimal, informed decisions unique to you and your skin.

  • Skincare Should be Simple

    Your skin care regimen should only consist of a few everyday essentials and key pieces —customized to provide powerful, visible results – clear to see.


What sets my products apart from other skincare companies is the quality of my small-batch formulations and mixing science with nature philosophy.

I strive to develop extremely efficacious skincare products to be as clean and efficacious as possible while incorporating all the active ingredients and technology of skin science today!

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Licensed Esthetician & Acne Solutions Specialist

Kristina is a licensed esthetician (skin care expert 🙂), acne solutions specialist, and time-honored professional with over 17 years worth of industry expertise. Knowledgeable and resourceful in all facets of skincare and acne-clearing remedies, Kristina’s background in working within medi-spas, to servicing within her own day spa and private skincare practice have served in expanding upon her insight and caliber of expertise.

She’s performed over 3000 therapeutic skin and facial treatments on people of all different walks of life and corners of the globe! Her clients have described her as warm, gracious, and “a master in her craft—exuding great passion and affection for her work!”


“Kristina is by far the BEST esthetician who has ever touched my face.  I have seen people all over the US, and she is the only one I will let touch my face.  My skin is acne prone yet very dry, and since seeing her, my skin has greatly cleared up and even looks younger!

She is incredibly sweet, professional, very knowledgeable in skincare, and fair in price.   She could move across the country and I would fly there just to have her give me a facial- yes, she’s THAT good just love her!”

Marlena Stell
Marlena StellCEO |Make-Up Geek

“Kristina, I want to thank you for your knowledge, encouragement and always checking-in on me while trying to achieve clear skin! I’ve always had trouble with acne for years and after trying Esthetic Arts products, I saw a huge difference! It was amazing!!!! I will never use anything else on my skin! Thank you for clear skin, Kristina!!”

Lacey D.
Lacey D.

“Love. Love. Love Kristina. She has a wonderful spirit and sense of humor. I couldn’t help but to feel comfortable around her.

I have had a few facials in my day and my facial from her way BY FAR THE BEST! She puts so much care and pride into her work. Also, the products she recommended were just what I needed to clear up my skin.”

Karla B.
Karla B.

I just purchased the new Esthetic Arts peppermint cleanser, clarifying elixir, and a moisturizer and I just used them for the first time tonight…Feels and smells amazing!! The face wash gave me a nice soft rich lather that felt so nice and  I can’t wait to use the moisturizer tomorrow!! Kristina was very thorough in explaining to me how to use products and made it simple for me to understand. It feels good to have a skin regime customized just for me that is going to help relive some my problems and clear my skin:) I’m so happy!!!! Thank you, Kristina!!

Rebekah Noble
Rebekah NobleHair Designer/Salon Owner & Mommy

I will never go to another esthetician as Kristina is the best!

Rachel V.
Rachel V.

Kristina was AMAZING!  She is personable and her personality puts you right at ease. She is also very knowledgeable and professional.

So relieved to find Kristina!

Beth G.
Beth G.

Seriously the absolute best! I go to Kristina for facials and skincare products. I could not be happier. She is the best esthetician I have ever come across. Her energy is very soothing and positive and I feel rejuvenated after my appointment. Highly recommend her!

Colleen S.
Colleen S.

I love Kristina!!  She is so warm and loving!

She is AWESOME!!  and her products that she uses are AWESOME!!

Shelby P.
Shelby P.

I would give Kristina all the stars in the sky! She is so amazing! She is very kind and exceptionally caring about her clients and her work. I got a facial and it was the best I have ever received. She did a great job with my sensitive acne prone skin and the massage (which was part of the facial) was so wonderful, also the best I have received! I had a bad experience a few months prior and was nervous about trying someone new again, but she did such a great job! My skin has never looked better!I really can’t say enough great things about Kristina. Even though I do not live in the area, I will surely be back!

Alyssa M.

NO DOUBT my skin will be perfect for my wedding day 🙂 She sat me down and really explained what the products are, what they do, what ingredients are in them, how they work, and how I should use them. VERY thorough.

My face has seen improvements since using the line for two weeks, and yesterday I went to see Kristina for my facial.  It was an INCREDIBLE two hours of total relaxation!! I was literally in a trance near the end.

Samantha C.

I have been going to Kristina for several years and can say without a doubt that she is the best esthetician you will find. Her personalized treatments and top of the line products are just the beginning-She is warm, gracious and attentive. You will find no one who will take better care of your skin!

Wendy M.

Kristina gives the BEST facials in town without question!!! She always goes the extra mile and makes every visit special. The quality of service and products are wonderful. She is not only good at everything she does, you can tell she has a passion for her profession. I’ve tried numerous estheticians from Sacramento to Folsom and she is just a step above the rest

Katie T.

I have recommended Esthetic Arts to several of my friends, and they all came away thrilled. Each and every service I have received has been top notch. Kristina is not only talented, knowledgeable, and extremely professional, she genuinely cares about each of her clients and providing them with the ultimate pampering experience. It is impossible to walk out of here without a smile on your face!



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