My story…

As someone who has suffered first-hand from relentless bouts of acne, scarring, and the debilitating insecurity that often accompanies not being able to put your best face forward, I was inspired by the thought of connecting with others and helping them find solutions for their skin.

I acquired my L.E. (Licensed Esthetician) credentials in 2005 and have thoroughly enjoyed my career so much that I’ve never looked back.  My work has not only helped my clients transform their outer appearances but has inspired their confidence within themselves, bringing an immense sense of fulfillment and purpose to my life’s work. It is such a gratifying role to not only help people look but feel more beautiful in their skin that it feels almost spiritual in calling.

I was blessed to have years of valuable on-the-job experience and excellent training working for several of Sacramento’s finest spas and medi-spas before branching off and opening “Esthetic Arts” in October of 2011. Business ownership was the next logical step in helping me to fulfill my dream of working independently and implementing my own unique skin concepts. I designed Esthetic Arts to be a skin-exclusive day spa with an emphasis on advanced skin treatments and product solutions. I held my private skincare practice there for many years before meeting my husband and making a shift in 2017 to relocate to Alaska (where he is currently stationed as an active-duty serviceman).

I currently enjoy continuing to dedicate my expertise to Esthetic Arts as an online-exclusive skincare resource that allows me the freedom and flexibility to be mobile, reach more people, and spend more time with my beautiful one-year-old daughter who means the world to me!

It is my pleasure to offer you complimentary personalized email consulting and advanced skincare solutions that can make a difference in your self-esteem and magnify your own self-worth!

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